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Herbal Education

Herbal Education

We have compiled a list of herbal education providors who are offering some very exciting programs to expand your herbal knowledge and deveop a closer relationship with the bounty of plants available to us.  There are a variety of learning experiences available for everyone from the beginner to advance students looking for professional certification.

The knowledge and experience to be gained through these terrifc classes will benefit you and those around you for years and generations to come.  It is also a great way to expand your community of like minded herbally curious people.

If you decide to enroll in one of the courses through the links below please drop us an e-mail with the name of the course and the enrollment date through our Contact Page.  We will then send you a special code that you can use to take 20% off all products from The Ancient Sage throughout the length of your learning experieince.



Online Introductory Herbal Course

The Herbal Academy Of New England provides high quality herbal education courses and wealth of knowledge on all aspects of herbalsim. Their aim is to teach the art and science of plant medicine honoring our intrinsic connection to nature. The Herbal Academy of New England is dedicated to teaching and promoting a lifestyle of wellness and vitality through the use of herbs, sound nutrition, and optimal health practices. They put a strong emphasis on sustainability and stewardship as guiding principles of their programs.  They have a great range of material available with something to suit everyone from the slighly curious to those seeking professional certification.

The Online Introductory Herbal Course they offer is directed towards beginners who have found themselves curious about the great variety of plants all around us who are seeking to discover and grow their relationships with our plant allies.  This is a self study course that allows you learn at your pace and on your own schedule.  By the end of this course you will feel more comfortable AND excited about making your own teas, tinctures, and body care products. You’ll be mixing up new recipes in the kitchen, using spices and herbs you never knew had medicinal properties! This course contains 6 in-depth units covering a wide range of topics.  The many content-rich lessons include printable handouts, charts, flipbooks, recipes, and herbal monographs that you can use forever.  There are also many videos and quizzes and access to teachers who will help you along your learning journey.



Learn Herbalism Online with the Herbal Academy of New England


The Online Intermediate Herbal Course is intended for students with some herbal training but even if you’re new to herbalism, they will review some basic concepts in the first unit to set the foundation. The online herbal course will include intermediate topics such as safety and side effects; discussions about theory and energetics; in-depth coverage of physiology; and guidance for herbal formulation.  This course will introduce many theories and works of some of today’s most revered herbalists such as Matthew Wood, David Hoffman, Christopher Hobbs, and others. there will also be lessons on the many different ways herbalism has been practiced over the centuries and how in recent years we have begun to reclaim these traditions. You will recievee a certificate upon completion of this course and the many printable recipes, flipbooks, handouts, charts, and herbal monographs will be your yours to keep and use forever.  You will also have access to an on--line forum where you can build community and get feedback from your teachers and fellow classmates.  This course will give you a solid background to share what you have learned with your friends and family.  This is a very highly recommended in-depth course in herbalism.





The Herbarium Membership

The Herbarium is the membership site of Herbal Academy of New England packed full of recipes, articles, plant monographs and so much more!  From beginner to seasoned herbalist, the information inside The Herbarium walls will enrich and inspire your herbal studies. Whether you are new to herbalism or have been studying for many years, the tools you will find here will both help you begin your studies AND make them rich. Each section of the website will be growing with you, so start from the beginning and learn with us as we share and build our collection of herbal resources.  This is a very valuable resource for those just don't have the time, money or interest in formal education or those who have completed it and understand the importance of continual learning and staying up to date with the latest information. Members also recieve many discounts and perks as well! This is also a great place to become part of a community through the member forums and discussion areas.  This is definately one membership that worth way more than the small subscription fee it offered for.