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How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Crystals have been used for centuries for their healing and spiritual properties, but it's important to remember that crystals can hold onto negative energy. Cleansing your crystals regularly can help to remove any negative energy and restore their natural vibrations. Here are a few ways to cleanse your crystals:


1.      Sunlight: One of the simplest and most effective ways to cleanse your crystals is to place them in sunlight. The sunlight will help to remove any negative energy and recharge the crystals. Leave the crystals in the sunlight for a few hours, or overnight during a full moon.


2.      Moonlight: Placing your crystals under the light of a full moon is also a great way to cleanse them. The energy of the full moon can help to purify and recharge your crystals. Leave the crystals outside overnight, or place them on a windowsill to catch the moonlight.


3.      Running water: Running water is also an effective way to cleanse your crystals. Simply hold your crystals under running water for a few minutes. You can also place them in a bowl of water and leave them overnight. Avoid using salt water or hard water to cleanse your crystals, as this can damage them.


4.      Smudging: Another way to cleanse your crystals is to use sage or other herbs for smudging. Hold the crystal in the smoke of the smudging herbs for a few minutes.


5.      Sound: Using sound to cleanse your crystals is another method, such as singing bowls, bells, or even your own voice. Hold the crystal while making sound or place it near the source of sound.


6.      Earth: Bury your crystals in the earth for a day or two, this can be a powerful way to ground and cleanse them.


7.      Intention: Setting an intention for the crystal cleaning process can also be effective, focus on the intention to remove any negative energy and to restore the natural vibration of the crystal.


It's important to cleanse your crystals regularly to remove any negative energy and restore their natural vibrations. Experiment with different methods and find what works best for you and your crystals. Remember to handle your crystals with care and respect, and always trust your intuition.