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  • Oracle

    • Tree Keepers Oracle By Sullins & Law

      Tree Keepers Oracle By Sullins & Law

      Long ago, before trees were used for their pulp and fiber to bind our stories, they were story protectors of a different kind. As legend and druids can tell you, there are places on the planet where the veil between worlds is thin, and the trees were...

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    • Witching Hour Oracle By Lorriane Anderson

      Witching Hour Oracle By Lorriane Anderson

      Welcome to a journey through the awakening of a witch to her inner power. Each card in this oracle represents an evolutionary step a budding witch might encounter as she begins to walk the path of a mystic. Best-selling author Lorriane Anderson (Seasons...

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    • Ascension Oracle By Nari Anastarsia

      Ascension Oracle By Nari Anastarsia

      This oracle serves to support and guide the world through the current period of immense, accelerated change. The cards serve as an alchemical medium that will assist you to raise your frequency in preparation for your next vibrational world of experience...

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    • Beloved Dead (Dk & Bk) By Paris & Hardt

      Beloved Dead (Dk & Bk) By Paris & Hardt

      Your collective family of ancestor archetypes awaits you in The Beloved Dead oracle. They will have a lot to say about your day-to-day interactions, interpersonal dynamics, and inner life. Ask the Beloved Dead a question and connect with consciousness...

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    • Heavenly Angel Oracle By Rabiolo & Biasio

      Heavenly Angel Oracle By Rabiolo & Biasio

      It is said that our lives are governed by a powerful army of celestial beings who protect, advise and give us the most suitable tools for our spiritual and physical growth. Angels are beings of pure spirit who bring their messages to Earth; we can access...

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    • Land Sky Oracle By Theresa Hutch

      Land Sky Oracle By Theresa Hutch

      Inspired by her work as a yoga and meditation teacher and practitioner, Theresa Hutch created the Land Sky Oracle as a gentle guide through the Eight Limbs of Yoga as a path to true happiness. Her watercolor images of animals, deities, gems, and symbols...

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    • Healing Heart Oracle By Segal & Dellagrottaglia

      Healing Heart Oracle By Segal & Dellagrottaglia

      Bestselling healing author Inna Segal has created this healing oracle to help you face the pain and trauma you carry in your heart from past hurts. We all experience hurt, rejection, confusion, loss and fear in our hearts, and these cards will enable you...

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    • Woven Spirit Oracle By Lorraine Sadler

      Woven Spirit Oracle By Lorraine Sadler

      Woven Spirit Oracle reminds us that as humans we are integral threads in the rich tapestry of life. Intended to help you in the here and now, these 52 card images vibrate with the energetic colors of our magical universal homeland. The ethereal imagery...

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