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  • Malas and Prayer Beads

    • Skull Beads Mala 108 Pcs

      Skull Beads Mala 108 Pcs

      These sacred skull malas are used as a tool n Tibetan Buddhism and known as impermanence malas. Representative of the impermanent nature and cycles of life and death. Wooden skulls and a small white tassel. Approximately 27" long.

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    • Quartz Japmala

      Quartz Japmala

      Recite your mantras during your next meditation using this Master healer Quartz crystal Japmala. Quartz crystal is the perfect stone to use and it may assist with any condition spiritually or energetically, cleanse and clear your energy, open you up...

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    • Om, Garnet &Golden Rutile Japmala

      Om, Garnet &Golden Rutile Japmala

      A powerful Japmala with Garnet and Golden Rutile bead work. Finished with a deep red tassel and a silver toned Om charm. To delve deeper into the profound impact of root chakra crystals on your overall well-being, we invite you to visit Root Chakra...

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    • Rudraksha & Quartz Japmala

      Rudraksha & Quartz Japmala

      This is a beautiful japmala with the combo of Quartz and Rudraksha beads. Rudraksha symbolizes the eye of Shiva and created from Shivas tears. These are sacred seeds that emit a powerful protective energy, creating space to harness greater potential...

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    • Goddess, Amethyst & Lapis Japmala

      Goddess, Amethyst & Lapis Japmala

      A beautiful Amethyst and Lapis japmala with a goddess charm. Count your next mantra, chant, or prayer on this powerful mala necklace. From India To explore the transformative power of crown chakra crystals and learn more, we invite you to visit Crown...

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    • Compassion & Harmony (Kwan Yin) Necklace

      Compassion & Harmony (Kwan Yin) Necklace

      Compassion harmony Kwan Yin adjustable necklace with Apatite and Rose Quartz. Attract the compassion and harmony of the Kwan Yin. Handmade with the most powerful stones to increase your capacity of giving and receiving unconditional love and acceptance...

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    • Tourmaline, Black Japmala

      Tourmaline, Black Japmala

      Recite your mantras during your next meditation using this Master healer Black Tourmaline Japmala. Black tourmaline may assist you with absorbing negative energies on or in your environment. It is also known to transform disharmony into peace, while...

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    • Lapis Japmala

      Lapis Japmala

      Recite your mantras during your next meditation using this Master healer Lapis Japmala. Lapis is a stone to assist with truth, balance, wisdom, disorganization, immune system, courage, communication, and clarity of the mind. 108 Quartz beads with a...

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      Palo Santo Japmala

      Palo Santo Japmala

      This is a Palo Santo beaded japmala, emitting a wonderful fragrance. 108 beads used as a focus tool for counting mantras or prayers. This sacred wood is used to help clear negative energy with its amazing purifying properties. The lovely scent of this...

      MSRP: $90.95
      Was: $90.95
      Now: $63.95
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