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  • Incense Accessories

    Shop our selection of Incense Accessories for all your incense burning needs.  We carry incense burners and incense holders for incense sticks and resin incense.  We have a selection of incense charcoals and handling tools available for burning frankincense, myrrh, or your favorite botanical incense blends.   Incense aromatherapy brings peace, serenity, and happiness to your state of mind and is quite helpful during meditation.

    • Wolf Burner 4 7/8"

      Wolf Burner 4 7/8"

      Introducing our 4 7/8" Wolf stick incense burner, a captivating addition to your home decor. Crafted with intricate details, this burner features a majestic wolf howling at the moon in a serene forest setting. Made from high-quality materials, this...

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    • Moon Mushroom Light Back Flow Burner 5 1/2"

      Moon Mushroom Light Back Flow Burner 5 1/2"

      our stunning crescent moon backflow burner with a mesmerizing color changing orb! This unique and enchanting piece is perfect for creating a calming and mystical atmosphere in any space. The backflow feature allows the smoke to cascade down the mushrooms...

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    • Toadally Stoned Ashtray 4 3/4"

      Toadally Stoned Ashtray 4 3/4"

      Add a quirky touch to your smoking area with this ceramic ashtray featuring a stoned smoking toad in the center. Perfect for holding your ashes and butts while adding a fun conversation piece to your space. Made of durable ceramic, this ashtray is both...

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    • Tank 420 Ashtray 9"

      Tank 420 Ashtray 9"

      Crafted with attention to detail, this ashtray resembles a tank truck, adding a touch of novelty to your smoking experience. Whether you're a collector or simply looking for a cool and functional ashtray, our 420 tank truck ashtray is a must-have...

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    • Reaper Ashtray 4"

      Reaper Ashtray 4"

      Introducing the Grim-Reaper ashtray, a unique and edgy addition to your smoking accessories collection. This ashtray features a detailed design of the iconic Grim Reaper, adding a touch of dark humor to your smoking experience. Made of durable material,...

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    • Voodoo Doll Ashtray 7"

      Voodoo Doll Ashtray 7"

      This adorable voodoo doll ashtray is the perfect addition to your collection. Made from cold cast resin, it has a soft textured feel that adds a unique touch. With its cute design and intricate details, this ashtray is not only functional but also a...

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    • Gnome Mushroom Ashtray 5"

      Gnome Mushroom Ashtray 5"

      Add a whimsical touch to your home decor with this charming gnome holding a mushroom ashtray. The mushroom ashtray provides a functional element while also serving as a unique conversation piece. Perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself, this gnome...

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    • Weed Baseball Cap Ashtray 6 1/4"

      Weed Baseball Cap Ashtray 6 1/4"

      Introducing the 6 1/4" Weed Baseball Cap ashtray, the perfect accessory for any weed enthusiast. This unique ashtray combines functionality with style, featuring a design inspired by a baseball cap. The ashtray is designed to resemble a baseball cap,...

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    • Moon Back Flow Burner 5 1/4"

      Moon Back Flow Burner 5 1/4"

      This crescent Moon backflow burner with a glass orb is the perfect addition to your home decor. Crafted with intricate details, the crescent Moon design adds a touch of mystique and elegance to any space. The glass orb sits atop the burner, creating a...

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    • Fairy Scape Back Flow Burner 4 1/4"

      Fairy Scape Back Flow Burner 4 1/4"

      Transform your space into a serene oasis with our Asian-style fairy landscape backflow burner. This enchanting piece combines the beauty of nature with the calming effects of backflow incense. As the smoke cascades down the intricate design, it creates a...

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    • Medusa Backflow Burner 8"

      Medusa Backflow Burner 8"

      8" Medusa back flow burner, a mesmerizing addition to your home decor. This unique burner features a stunning Medusa design, with her dangerous eyes serving as the source of enchanting smoke. Embrace the allure of Medusa and let her eyes cast a spell of...

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    • Metallic Skull Back Flow Burner 6"

      Metallic Skull Back Flow Burner 6"

      A decorative skull back flow burner has a skull-shaped design and a metallic finish. It is used to burn back flow incense cones, which create a downward smoke effect. 6" x 4" Hand painted cold cast resin

      MSRP: $35.95
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