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    • Ruby with Kyanite Pyramid 25-30mm

      Ruby with Kyanite Pyramid 25-30mm

      This pyramid is powerful combo of tumbled Ruby in the blue Kyanite, creating this beautiful variety of colors. This stone has been known to reveal what needs to be released to stay balanced and protected. This peaceful vibrating stone that may just help...

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    • Corundum Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      Corundum Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      Corundum is a mineral that is the hardest known natural substance after the diamond. It is clear in its natural state and with impurities cause the coloring of these amazing stones. Corundum may assist with wisdom, choices, releasing anger, negative...

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    • Quartz, Sulfur Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      Quartz, Sulfur Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      Sulphur Quartz is a powerful tool when dealing with emotions and holds resonates with the Solar Plexus. May assist you with breaking old habit, while opening you up to the right path towards change. Allow this wonderful healing tool to clear your energy...

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    • Garnet in Biotite Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      Garnet in Biotite Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      The combination of Biotite and Garnet creates a wonderful healing tool to help guide you in life. Biotite works to assist in removing issues in your life through offering you clarity within the situations. The energy Garnet has will help with luck, love,...

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    • Tiger Calcite Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      Tiger Calcite Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      Tiger Calcite is the stone of balance reflecting the colors of Yin/Yang energy. The energy of this important stone are said to help polarize opposite energies within and without. Sold by weight only with mostly small to medium size stones with roughly 45...

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    • Hematite Point 1 +"

      Hematite Point 1 +"

      Small yet powerful Hematite points. These would make great points for a crystal grid. Hematite is a powerful grounding stone for strength, love, courage, memory, anxiety, and panic attacks. 1" plus in size from brazil.

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    • Epidote Point 2 +"

      Epidote Point 2 +"

      Epidote, is believed to have energies to aid you to have courage, to let go of what is holding you back from living life's dreams. It has strong vibrations aiding you to attune to spirit, and enhance your awareness for various aspects of oneself, aiding...

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    • Tourmaline, Black Palm Stone

      Tourmaline, Black Palm Stone

      The power of protection for you to keep close! Black Tourmaline resonates with the Earth energy, making this a powerful grounding tool. A top stone for protection as it will absorb the negative energy on you or in your environment. Black Tourmaline is a...

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    • Fluorite Obelisk .9- 1.1#

      Fluorite Obelisk .9- 1.1#

      Fluorite is a mineral that comes in many colors with many wonderful properties. Fluorite may assist you with bone health, organ function, dexterity, balance, self-worth, new ideas and inspiration. Each piece is unique with coloring and inclusions. 0...

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