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  • Tumbled Gem Stones

    The Ancient Sage offers a wide selection of high quality healing crystals and gem stones for reiki therapy and chakra healing. Our tumbled gem stones are smooth and polished and a convienent size for carrying in your pocket or using in other crystal craft projects.  These tumbled stones are great for spiritual healing, energetic cleansing, and chakra balancing.  We offer many of our crystals and gem stones for sale in bulk to save you money and provide enough stones for gifts, crystal grids, crystals remedies, and proper placement to maximize the energetic effects.  Crystals are a beautiful and gentle way to treat many common ailments be it physical, mental or spiritual.

    • Jade, Jungle Tumbled Stones 1 Lb

      Jade, Jungle Tumbled Stones 1 Lb

      This Jade is enriched with the lush green colors seen in nature and works harmoniously with the heart chakra. Jungle Jade is a beautiful stone that may assist you with healing, balance, new beginnings, renewal, peace, abundance, and is a wonderful aid to...

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    • Apatite Pebbles Tumbled Stones 1 Lb

      Apatite Pebbles Tumbled Stones 1 Lb

      Apatite is a calcium phosphate made up of different minerals. Apatite is an inspirational energy that also promotes empathy and compassion. It is a wonderful balancer of energy whether it is mind, body, soul or your chakras. This beautiful crystal is a...

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    • Fertility Gemstone Therapy

      Fertility Gemstone Therapy

      Whether you are struggling to conceive or if you are already pregnant or trying to balance your hormonal body, during this time we all need a little extra love and support from the universe. The gemstones were born on Mother Earth and bring their...

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    • Happiness Gemstone Therapy

      Happiness Gemstone Therapy

      Bring a little light to your life with this stones, and put a smile on your face! Crystals can help you tap into your inner joy. Born from the earth, connected to energy, and radiant with high vibrations, these stones can be an awesome way to cleanse...

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    • Chalcedony, Blue Pebbles 1 Lb

      Chalcedony, Blue Pebbles 1 Lb

      Chalcedony can bring about inner peace and will help sooth self-doubt. It is a great stone to work with for calming and balancing your emotions. A nurturing stone that promotes peace and harmony while absorbing negative energy. Larger pieces and weight...

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    • Chrysoprase, Green Tumbled Stones 1 Lb

      Chrysoprase, Green Tumbled Stones 1 Lb

      Beautiful Green Chrysoprase coming in a tumbled form. Green Chrysoprase will help keep your heart open, assist with prosperity, good fortune, renewal, beauty, grace, calming, harmony, and will bring you positivity for what's to come. 1lb by approximate...

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    • Aventurine, Red 12-15 mm. Tumbled Nuggets 1 Lb

      Aventurine, Red 12-15 mm. Tumbled Nuggets 1 Lb

      Red Aventurine stones coming in an array of soothing shades in the red family. This stone works with the mind, body and soul when it comes to healing. Helps with balance, focus, chi, energy levels, creativity, personal power and vitality to name a few...

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    • Mookaite 12-15 mm. Tumbled Nuggets 1 Lb

      Mookaite 12-15 mm. Tumbled Nuggets 1 Lb

      Mookaite is a form of the Jasper family and is found in Western Australia, it's namesake comes from the Mooka Creek where it is found. Mookaite is an all around energizer that cleanses and activates the lower chakras. May also assist with encouraging the...

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    • Flame Stone Tumbled Stones 1 Lb

      Flame Stone Tumbled Stones 1 Lb

      Tumbled Flame stone offers wonderful properties and has ability to glow under UV light. Flame stone is used to stimulate the throat chakra and help with clarity finding your truth. May assist you with intuition, introspection, and is great for spiritual...

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