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  • 1/4 lb. Tumbled Stones

    • Jasper, Ocean Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      Jasper, Ocean Tumbled Stones 1/4 lb.

      Known as a stone of protection, Jasper is believed to aid in driving away evil. It can also aid in stabilizing your energy and aura, making it quite useful in grounding or astral projection. Sold by approximate weight - not stone size or count. 1/4 lb.

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    • Citrine, Natural Tumbled Stones 1 Lb.

      Citrine, Natural Tumbled Stones 1/4 Lb.

      Citrine is like the sun when it comes to new beginnings! Known as the stone of abundance and wealth. A wonderful positive energy for magical and healing properties. Sold by approximate weight - not stone size or count NATURAL From Brazil. 1/4 lb.

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    • Super 7 Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      Super 7 Tumbled Stones 1/4 lb.

      Super 7 consists of seven different powerful stones found together, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile. Many great benefits packed into these stones. This is a 1/4 lb. bag sold by weight only. From China...

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    • Corundum Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      Corundum Tumbled Stones 1/4 lb.

      Corundum is a mineral that is the hardest known natural substance after the diamond. It is clear in its natural state and with impurities cause the coloring of these amazing stones. Corundum may assist with wisdom, choices, releasing anger, negative...

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    • Lodalite Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      Lodalite Tumbled Stones 1/4 lb.

      Lodalite is a quartz with uniquely patterned inclusions, creating beautiful colors and designs. Great stone to use to help put you into a meditative state with a loving quality. Let this stone help you overcome any challenges you may be facing, manifest...

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    • Charoite Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      Charoite Tumbled Stones 1/4 lb.

      Charoite will pull you in with its amazing shades of purple swirling throughout each piece. Charoite will bring balance to any disrupted energies and soothes tense emotions. May help you accept change, understanding, and encourages harmony on deep levels...

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    • Lemon Topaz Tumbled Gemstones 1 lb.

      Lemon Topaz Tumbled Gemstones 1/4 lb.

      Align with your highest good with Lemon Topaz. Lemon or yellow topaz assists you in manifesting your intentions in alignment with your divine plan. Has been known to help with faith that you can bring anything into your life. May also bring people of...

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    • Turquoise Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      Turquoise Tumbled Stones 1/4 lb.

      Tumbled Turquoise has a long history of use as a sacred stone. It may assist you in protection, courage, love, friendships, healing and is a lucky stone. Each stone is unique with its beautiful earthy tones and markings. From China. Sold by approximate...

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    • Opal, Orthoclase Tumbled Stones 1 lb.

      Opal, Orthoclase Tumbled Stones 1/4 lb.

      Orthoclase is a positive energy stone that may assist you with clutter (mental and physical), toxic people, introspection, direction, and finding out where you are going on your path. Beautiful stone from Peru. Sold by weight only with roughly 16 medium...

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    • Petersite Tumbled Stones 1/4 lb.

      Petersite Tumbled Stones 1/4 lb.

      Petesite known as the "Tempest Stone" for its essence of a windy storm within its brilliant natural beauty. Just as a storm comes in it will eventually clear and make way for the new, this stone will do the same for your emotions cleaning the aura and...

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    • Tiger Eye Tumbled Gemstones 1/4 lb.

      Tiger Eye Tumbled Gemstones 1/4 lb.

      Tiger eye brown gemstones are alive with color, showing off the touch of Nature's paintbrush to perfection. These stones have been used as crystals for healing for centuries in many traditions, and today are commonly utilized by Reiki practitioners and...

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