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  • Tarot Cards, Oracle decks, and More

    • Druid Plant Orale By Carr-Gomm & Carr-Gomm

      Druid Plant Orale By Carr-Gomm & Carr-Gomm

      The Druids revered certain plants trees, herbs and fungi and attached special meanings to them. This stunning deck of 36 cards presents many of the most significant plants and describes their associated folklore and mythology. Will Worthington?s rich...

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    • Crystal Blessing Cards By Valencia Chan

      Crystal Blessing Cards By Valencia Chan

      Wherever you are on your spiritual path, this 70-card deck will help you develop a rapport and love for the crystal kingdom. Each Crystal Blessing card features a photo of the crystal, a description of its meaning and benefits, and a powerful affirmation...

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    • Way Seekers Tarot By Ndr & Jedrziewski

      Way Seekers Tarot By Ndr & Jedrziewski

      Way Seekers Tarot artfully pays homage to classic tarot traditions, including the simplicity of Marseilles and the rich symbolism of Smith-Waite. Powerful figures in the Majors and the Court cards take their inspiration from Greco-Roman mythology and...

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    • Trinity Tarot By Ari Wisner

      Trinity Tarot By Ari Wisner

      A beautifully concise, 78-card tarot deck that is ideal for Both beginners and seasoned readers. Includes a prompt sheet of card meanings and reimagined, genderless card titles: The Apprentice (Page), The Champion (Knight), The Keeper (Queen), The Crown...

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    • Totem Guardians Oracle By Tanya Bond

      Totem Guardians Oracle By Tanya Bond

      Tanya Bond created the Totem Guardians Oracle Deck as a tool for her own personal healing work, exploring lessons that others can easily integrate into their spiritual journeys. For the visual inspiration she turned to the world of fauna familiars,...

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    • Meditation Cards By Amy Grimes

      Meditation Cards By Amy Grimes

      Transport yourself to relaxation through these 50 guided meditation practices. From Lourdes healing waters to the mystical Mount Shasta, slow down and find calm in the worlds' most restorative places. Includes 55 cards and access to 50 audio meditations.

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    • Gjallarhorn, Norse Oracle By Matt Hughes

      Gjallarhorn, Norse Oracle By Matt Hughes

      The Norse Oracle Deck is both a guide and a tool. It is also an extension of you because in their highest form, the cards are conduits for forgotten wisdom to be remembered. Through this deck, the ancients speak again. This oracle is separated into three...

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    • Wing, Hoof & Paw By Sullins & Roberts

      Wing, Hoof & Paw By Sullins & Roberts

      Before our imaginations were scrubbed clean, we spent time with invisible friends, many of them in the animal kingdom. We encountered the creatures of the earth for what they truly are: Emissaries of the Marvelous. Those characters who jumped out of our...

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    • Sortilegium Tarot By Natalia Velez

      Sortilegium Tarot By Natalia Velez

      Sortilegium Tarot, whose title refers to card reading for spellcasting and divination, presents magical people in mystical places. With titles in English and Spanish, Colombian artist Natalia Velez brings each character to life with unique personality...

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    • Old Style Tarot By Alexander Ray

      Old Style Tarot By Alexander Ray

      This charming 79-card tarot deck traditions pays with homage appealing vintage-style illustrations that highlight clear tarot symbolism. Designed to be a working deck, Old Style Tarot appeals to both beginners and those who read intuitively. An extra...

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