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  • Crystal Hearts

    Our wide selection of high-quality crystal hearts are expertly crafted and perfect for use in crystal healing, meditation, and other spiritual practices. Choose from a range of stones, each with its own unique properties and energies, to support and enhance your intentions. Trust in the power of these sacred stones to bring positivity, balance, and healing into your life. Shop now and find the perfect heart crystals for you or the ones you love.

    • Calcite, Pink Heart (Set Of 5) 2"

      Calcite, Pink Heart (Set Of 5) 2"

      Soft soothing energy pours out of these Pink Calcite hearts. Polished to bring out its natural beauty and shine. Approximately 2 1/4" long. Set of 5 From Pakistan. To delve deeper into Pink Calcite meaning and properties, we invite you to visit Pink...

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    • Agate, Dendritic Heart 1 1/2"

      Agate, Dendritic Heart 1 1/2"

      You will be mesmerized by the array of colors and patterns within each heart, ranging from translucent to opaque. Great stone to have on you to assist with creating peace, connection to the earth, bringing about stability in times of confusion, and...

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    • Ruby Zoisite Heart 3"

      Ruby Zoisite Heart 3"

      You can feel this Ruby Zoisite heart energy as it connects with your energy field. Ruby Zoisite acts like plug for your energy system with the ability to strengthen the heart, bring love, confidence, loyalty and courage. Sizes, shapes, colors and...

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    • Jasper, Polychrome Heart 1 1/4"

      Jasper, Polychrome Heart 1 1/4"

      Polychrome Jasper is also known as Desert Jasper from Madagascar. Amazing colors and movement energy within each special piece. Helps one connect to the fire element, passion, vibrancy, vitality, creativity, while centering your energy. 1 1/4" by...

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    • Jasper, Bumble Bee Heart 1 3/4"

      Jasper, Bumble Bee Heart 1 3/4"

      A heart shaped and polished out of Bumble Bee Jasper. This incredible stone may help you to activate the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra, change, new opportunities, self esteem, digestion, nervous system and circulatory issues. Sizes may vary. From...

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    • Tourmaline, Black Heart 3"

      Tourmaline, Black Heart 3"

      A larger Black Tourmaline shaped and polished into a heart. Black Tourmaline is a powerful to that may assist you with good luck, security, protection, grounding and will absorb the negative energy around each special piece. 3" however sizes and...

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    • Marcasite Heart 2"

      Marcasite Heart 2"

      A heart polished from Marcasite, which is known as iron pyrite. Marcasite can inspire creativity as well as help with wisdom, courage, studies, fatigue and expressing oneself. Coming in a variety of shades and some may even have unique inclusions or...

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    • Labradorite Heart 1 1/2"

      Labradorite Heart 1 1/2"

      Powerful little Labradorite hearts reflecting some beautiful texture and coloring. Labradorite helps bring inspiration, boost intuition, stabilizes the aura and enhances the energy flow between the chakras & aura. Great for the eyes, digestion,...

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    • SALE
      Jade, White Heart 2"

      Jade, White Heart 2"

      Experience the beauty and serenity of White Jade with our polished White Jade Heart. This calming stone enhances energy and promotes peace, love, and emotional healing. Each heart is unique, showcasing a variety of shades and possible inclusions or...

      MSRP: $17.95
      Was: $17.95
      Now: $12.95
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    • Hematite Heart 1 3/4"

      Hematite Heart 1 3/4"

      A polished hematite heart that offers an incredible grounding energy! Hematite has a lot of amazing healing benefits and may assist with pain relief, focus, mental clarity, concentration grounding, protecting, balance and makes a great blood cleaner...

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    • Turquoise, African Heart 1 3/4"

      Turquoise, African Heart 1 3/4"

      This African Turquoise is polished and shaped into a heart. It is known as the stone of evolution with its ability to create great change in ones life. Turquoise has been used throughout the ages as a powerful protection stone and may assist courage,...

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    • Selenite Heart 3"

      Selenite Heart 3"

      This piece will help you feel the connection in everything when you hold it in your hands and in your heart. Selenite is a high vibrational stone that helps with protection, good luck, and it can clean, clear and open all chakras. Will charge other...

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