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About The Ancient Sage

                Welcome to the The Ancient Sage – A website that brings Mother Nature’s treasures to people to improve their lives with powerful natural energies.

My name is Jodie Smith and I am a full time entrepreneur making a living from my passion for nature and naturally occurring treasures.

Discovering the Calling

            Back in 1989, while still in high school I listened to a friend tell me the story of how he spent his summer break working at a fossil quarry in Wyoming.  I was fascinated!  It seemed so exciting and adventurous and I knew instantly that was something I wanted to do.  He gave me their contact info; I called them up and was invited to come join them on their next digging season as an unpaid intern who would be allowed to keep half of my finds.  Great!  The next step was convincing my parents to let me leave home at such an early age to pursue my dreams.  Turns out it wasn’t hard as I expected.  Luckily for me my parents always believed in me and were and always have been completely supportive of any venture I wished to pursue.   

                I learned a lot that first summer out digging – not just about fossils but life in general.  I learned how to survive without modern conveniences like electricity and running water.  I learned how to keep myself entertained without television and other modern distractions.  And I learned how to sell and trade fossils (my only currency) to meet my basic needs.

                At the end of that digging season I was invited to try out my skills at the preparation lab.  I was seated at a work bench with all the proper tools, given my first fossil to prep and told it is either something you can do or you can’t.  Turned out I had the necessary depth perception and steady hand required for the job so instead of returning home at the end of the summer I stuck around and learned the tips and techniques of proper fossil preparation.

                Eventually it was time to go to college and get a proper education in the field I knew I wanted to be in.  While studying Geology and Paleontology at the School of Mines in Rapid City, SD I also discovered a love of minerals and gemstones and spent much of my free time rock hounding.  I had a couple of regular companions on these treks who were not so much interested in the minerals I was looking to find but had their own reasons for coming along.  My companions were Native American craftsmen, one of whom would spend his time looking for natural objects like antlers, and bones to create his bows and other crafts.  The other would spend her time collecting herbs from the forest.  This is where I first learned of the incredible powers within the vast array of plants all around us. 

                Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to travel to many diverse collecting localities for fossils, minerals, and herbs.  Sometimes as a hobby, sometimes working for myself, and sometimes working for others.  I have collected and prepared dinosaurs in Wyoming and South Dakota, White River mammals in Nebraska, Green River fish in Wyoming, and have also been collecting in the Solnhofen Limestone in Germany, just to name a few.   Most of my mineral and herb collecting has been in South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado, although I keep my eyes open for interesting things where ever I am. 


Why The Ancient Sage?

This site is dedicated to helping people learn how they can bring the power of crystals, herbs and other natural objects into their lives for better health, happiness, balance and well-being. 

I strive to make available a wide selection of products including the essentials and other unique, unusual and hard to find items.  I want to help people get the most of the items and I will continue to add information, recipes, and tips on how best to use these items.

I will also be sharing other relevant information that I think can be helpful for maintaining a natural and holistic balance within ourselves and the world in which we live.  I hope that you find them useful.

If you would like more information on The Ancient Sage please get in touch with me through my Contact Page.


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