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  • Altar Tables, Tiles and Accessories

    • Agate Altar Tile Set Of 4

      Agate Altar Tile Set Of 4

      This is a set of 4 Agate slices that have a variety of uses. Perfect as a powerful altar tile or impress your next guest by using them as coasters! Set of four come in a variety of colors, sizes and inclusions. Each tile is unique and comes with adhesive...

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    • Agate Altar Tile +7"

      Agate Altar Tile +7"

      Agate tiles displaying the amazing colors and beauty of Mother Nature. Each one of these tiles is unique and a one of a kind! Ranging from 6-9" and coming in a wide range of shapes and natural inclusion. From Brazil

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    • Onyx Altar Tray 8"

      Onyx Altar Tray 8"

      Beautiful Onyx trays are a great way to add some good vibes to your decorating. Natural Onyx offers swirling colors and patterns throughout each of these wonderful plates. 8" Onyx tray from Pakistan

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    • Goddess Lakshmi Conch Whelks 5-6"

      Goddess Lakshmi Conch Whelks 5-6"

      5-6" Right handed Dakshinavarti whelks, a Goddess Lakshmi conch. Hindu religious exclusive tiger design. Keeping this at home will make family atmosphere peaceful and sound. It is believed to surround the family with love and unity. Sizes and shapes are...

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    • 3-4" Dakshinavarti Whelks

      Dakshinavarti Whelks 3-4"

      Dakshinavarti Whelks is a conch shell that is considered sacred in Hindu. This shell once called the Indian Ocean home and housed a large sea snail. Tiger Dakshinavarti whelks is a Goddess Lakshmi conch. Keeping this at home will make family atmosphere...

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    • Copper Pyramid Energizer 6"

      Copper Pyramid Energizer 6"

      This Copper Pyramid is an energetic amplifier that is said to amplify the healing properties or intention of what ever you put within. The geometric shape is a pyramid, when placed over a crystal grid or crystals, will keep the crystals clean, and...

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    • Tree of Life Glass Altar Table 15 1/2" dia.

      Tree of Life Glass Altar Table 15 1/2" dia.

      Vibrant glass top altar table with an image of the Tree of Life surrounded by the evening. Complete with Celtic style artwork. Rich colors of blues, purples, greens make this table stand out above the others. 15 1/2" wide top and 15 1/2" tall with 3...

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    • Pentagram Altar Tile 2 3/4"

      Pentagram Altar Tile 2 3/4"

      Crafted of white metal to be a silvery presence of light and mysticism upon your alter, this altar tile depicts an interwoven pentagram as a potent symbol of the elements united and ruled by divinity or spirit.

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