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Agni Manitite


Agni Manitite, also known as the Pearl of Fire, is a stunning gemstone that is found in Indonesia. At first glance, it appears to be a solid black stone, but when placed under a light, it reveals a mesmerizing array of colors and patterns.

This gemstone is believed to have powerful energy that works quickly and directly with the solar plexus, giving a boost to personal power and energy. It is said to assist with creativity, manifesting, confidence, and directing personal will towards true happiness. If you are someone who is looking to tap into your own personal power and achieve your goals, Agni Manitite may be a great gemstone to work with.

In addition to its powerful energy, Agni Manitite is also known for its striking appearance. Its solid black exterior gives way to a dazzling display of colors and patterns when placed under a light, making it a truly mesmerizing gemstone to behold.

If you are in search of a gemstone that can help you tap into your personal power and achieve your goals, Agni Manitite may be the perfect choice. Its powerful energy and striking appearance make it a truly special gemstone that is sure to bring you all the benefits it has to offer.