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Desert Rose


Desert Rose is a beautiful and powerful crystal that is believed to have a range of transformative energies and properties. It is often used to quiet worries and clear the mind of distractions and disruptions, and is used to dissolve outdated programming.

One of the key benefits of Desert Rose is its ability to calm the mind and help us focus. If you are seeking to quiet your worries or are in need of some extra support, this stone could be a great choice for you. It is said to have a soothing energy that can help you relax and let go of any distractions or disruptions that may be holding you back.

In addition to its calming and focusing properties, Desert Rose is also believed to have a range of other benefits. It is used to help you create new, more positive patterns. It is also thought to have grounding and stabilizing energies that can help you find balance and harmony.

Desert Rose is associated with the astrological signs of Capricorn, Scorpio, and Taurus, and the number 11. It is said to resonate with the 1st and 4th chakras. If you are interested in incorporating this stone into your spiritual practice, you may want to consider carrying it with you, placing it on your altar, or using it in meditation. Whatever way you choose to use it, we hope that Desert Rose brings you the calm, focus, and transformation that you are seeking.