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Feather Agate


Feather agate is a truly amazing gemstone that is known for its many depths and layers, which are created from fossils of single cell organisms that are related to amoebas from millions of years ago. The beautiful feather-like structures within the agate give this gemstone its name, and add to its mesmerizing appearance.

In addition to its striking appearance, feather agate is also believed to have a variety of positive energies. It is said to help with self-acceptance, confidence, speaking one's truth, and overcoming negativity and anger. If you are someone who struggles with self-acceptance or confidence, or if you simply want to tap into the positive energy of this gemstone, carrying feather agate with you may be a great choice.

Feather agate is a truly special gemstone that is sure to bring you all the benefits it has to offer. Its beautiful feather-like structures and positive energy make it a truly unique and powerful gemstone that is sure to bring balance and harmony to your life. So, if you are in search of a gemstone that can help you find self-acceptance, confidence, and peace, feather agate may be the perfect choice.