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Flame Stone


Flame stone is a truly unique and special gemstone that offers a number of wonderful properties. One of the most notable features of this gemstone is its ability to glow under UV light, making it a visually stunning choice for those who appreciate the beauty of natural minerals.

But the beauty of Flame stone isn't just skin deep - this gemstone is also said to have a number of powerful properties that can be of great benefit to those who work with it. It is said to stimulate the throat chakra, helping with clarity and finding your truth. It can also be helpful for those looking to increase their intuition, engage in introspection, and pursue spiritual growth.

Overall, Tumbled Flame stone is a beautiful and powerful gemstone that can be of great benefit to those who are looking to increase their clarity, intuition, and spiritual growth. Whether you're drawn to its unique ability to glow under UV light or simply want to work with its energetic properties, this gemstone is definitely worth considering