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Stromatolite is a unique and fascinating stone that is actually a fossilized record of the oldest known life on Earth. These ancient stones are formed from layers of sediment that have been trapped and compressed over time, preserving the remains of microscopic organisms that lived billions of years ago.

Because of their connection to the earliest forms of life on our planet, stromatolites are often associated with past life work and the process of transcendence from one state to another. They are believed to be particularly helpful for those seeking to understand and heal from past experiences, or for those who are looking to make a significant change or transition in their lives.

In terms of astrology, stromatolites are associated with the signs of Capricorn and Virgo, and the number 5 is thought to be significant in their energy. Additionally, stromatolites are said to resonate with the energies of the 1st and 3rd chakras, which are associated with our sense of self and personal power, as well as our ability to communicate and express ourselves.

Whether you're drawn to stromatolites for their connection to the ancient past or simply appreciate their unique and beautiful appearance, these fossils are sure to add an element of intrigue to any collection. If you're interested in exploring the mysteries of the past or looking to make positive changes in your life, consider adding a stromatolite to your collection