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Tree Agate


Tree agate is a beautiful and powerful stone that is known for its ability to help release pent up emotions and increase optimism. This calming stone is also believed to help dissolve egoism and arrogance, making it a valuable tool for anyone who is struggling with issues of self-importance or self-absorption.

In addition to its emotional benefits, tree agate is also thought to be helpful for resolving relationship problems with children. Whether you're a parent looking to improve your relationship with your children or simply want to bring more harmony and balance to your family dynamic, tree agate is a great choice.

Tree agate is associated with the astrological sign of Virgo and is said to resonate with the number 1. It is believed to work with the 4th and 7th chakras, which are located in the heart and crown areas, respectively. These chakras are associated with love, compassion, and spiritual connection, and tree agate is thought to help balance and align these energies.

Overall, tree agate is a beautiful and powerful stone that can bring a sense of peace and balance to your life. Whether you're looking to release pent up emotions or simply want to increase your optimism and dissolve egoism, tree agate is an excellent choice.