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Turritella is a truly special gemstone that is known for its ability to help us connect with ancient memories and promote the evolution of our awareness. This gemstone is a fossilized agate that is believed to have a deep connection to the past, and can help us tap into ancient wisdom and understanding.

In addition to its connection to the past, turritella is also believed to be helpful in understanding plants and minerals. It is said to have a special energy that helps us connect with and understand the natural world around us, making it a great gemstone for those who are interested in nature and the environment.

Turritella is associated with the signs of Cancer and Aquarius and is said to resonate with the number 8. It is also believed to be connected to the first chakra, which is associated with the root of our being and our connection to the earth.

If you are someone who is interested in connecting with ancient memories and evolving your awareness, or if you simply want to tap into the unique energy of this gemstone, carrying turritella with you may be a great choice. Its fossilized agate and special energy make it a truly one-of-a-kind gemstone that is sure to bring you all the benefits it has to offer.