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Zebra Amber


Zebra Amber: A Stunning and Unique Stone with Healing Properties

If you're a fan of amber, you'll definitely want to check out our latest addition: zebra amber. This stunning and unique stone is opaque, with mixed brown colors that give it a visually stimulating appearance. It is also super light, making it perfect for use in jewelry or as a decorative piece.

But zebra amber is more than just a pretty stone. It is believed to have healing properties that can assist with balancing emotions, dissolving negativity, clearing the mind, and even bringing good luck. It is also said to help with fears and can provide patients and wisdom.

So what makes zebra amber so special? For starters, it is Miocene in age, approximately 23 million years old. This means it has a rich history and has been around for a very long time. It is also relatively rare, making it a highly sought-after stone for collectors and those interested in gemstones with unique properties.

Whether you're looking for a beautiful and unique addition to your jewelry collection or a stone with healing properties, zebra amber is sure to impress. Don't wait, add this stunning stone to your collection today!