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  • Healing Crystals

    • Bowenite Obelisk 3"+

      Bowenite Obelisk 3"+

      Bowenite is a compact variety of Serpentine, long used for jewelry, tools, and weapons. This is known as the stone of love and friendship yet it's also a powerful protective energy shield. Bowenite...

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    • Calcite, Pink Top Polished Point

      Calcite, Pink Top Polished Point

      The soft calming effect comes right out the polished top of this beautiful piece. A heart chakra stone, ready to work with and heal you on many levels. Pink Calcite may help you with your wellbeing,...

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    • Carnelian Tumbled Gemstones 1 lb.

      Carnelian Tumbled Gemstones 1 lb.

      Ranging from deep red to pale orange in hue, carnelian gems capture the eye and are thought to provide stimulation for the mind. As a result, these healing crystals may be used during reiki or work...

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    • Celestite Natural Chips 1 Lb.

      Celestite Natural Chips 1 Lb.

      Celestite is a high vibrational stone that works powerfully with the upper Chakras. Its energetic abilities may help with communication, new ideas, balance moods, and is a wonderful meditation stone...

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    • Chakra Stone Set

      Chakra Stone Set

      A pocket size set of 3/4" Chakra mediation stones in a 2" x 3" drawstring pouch. Stones and pouch will vary in size, color & pattern and are randomly chosen.

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    • Chakra Stones Chakra Stones

      Chakra Stones

      Realign, Recharge and Renew with this Chakra stone set. Complete kit ready to use includes 7 chakra stones, a drawstring satchel, selenite wand, and an energy chart. Comes in a 5.5" x 4.5" box with...

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    • Champagne Druse Heart 2-3"

      Champagne Druse Heart 2-3"

      This is Champagne Aura Quartz shaped into a heart. This quartz has a wonderful champagne color that it gets from a special spraying at high temperatures. Each piece is unique in color, shape, size...

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    • Chevron Amethyst Worry Stone

      Chevron Amethyst Worry Stone

      This worry stone, carved from the beloved chevron amethyst, follows the traditions born in Ancient Greece. Held in your hand, it is traditionally rubbed with the thumb to help relieve worries. Shapes...

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