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  • Herbs

    • Pinguica Fruta Tea (Bearberry Fruit) 3/8 oz.

      Pinguica Fruta Tea (Bearberry Fruit) 3/8 oz.

      It is generally called also; bearberry, topesquite, among others. This fruit, which is of Mexican origin. Its distribution is from the southern United States to the municipality of Veracruz. This tree is regularly found in mountainous regions and occurs...

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    • Pasiflora Chapis Tea (Passion Flower) 1/2 oz.

      Pasiflora Chapis Tea (Passion Flower) 1/2 oz.

      It grows mainly in the tropical zone of America and only 22 species grow in South Asia, Australia and Oceania. Passionflower was formerly approved in the United States to be used as a natural sedative and was sold without a prescription. But, in 1978 it...

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    • Palo Brazil Tea (Log Wood) 3/8 oz.

      Palo Brazil Tea (Log Wood) 3/8 oz.

      Also known as the plant of happiness; it is an herb with numerous properties. It is used to also make the bows of musical instruments. It is native to Brazil and has a very hard and reddish wood. It is the national tree of Brazil since 1978. MEDICINAL...

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    • Gordolobo Tea (Mullein Flower) 3/8 oz.

      Gordolobo Tea (Mullein Flower) 3/8 oz.

      Mullein, verbasco or candelaria, is a plant of European origin that is characterized by its hairy leaves and its long floral stem, where small and showy yellow flowers are arranged. There are different species of mullein and they all share the same...

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    • Gobernadora Chapis Tea (Chaparral Herb) 1/2 oz.

      Gobernadora Chapis Tea (Chaparral Herb) 1/2 oz.

      Larrea tridentina, also known as governor plant, is a common plant of the deserts of the United States. It is called governor because it has a great ability to inhibit the development of plants that grow around it to obtain as much water as possible. The...

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    • Estafiate Chapis Tea (Mugwort Herb) 1/2 oz.

      Estafiate Chapis Tea (Mugwort Herb) 1/2 oz.

      It is a medicinal plant that may well be wild or cultivated in a large part of the central states of the Mexican Republic, as well as in other latitudes. Medicinal properties: Diarrhea, dysentery, colds, stomachaches, indigestion, tonic, stimulant,...

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    • Del Parto Chapis Tea 1/2 oz.

      Del Parto Chapis Tea 1/2 oz.

      To prepare as a tea, pour 8 fl. oz. boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons of herb. Cover and steep for 5-10 minutes, strain and serve immediately. Precautions: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. 1/2oz Del...

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    • Damiana Chapis Tea 1/2 oz.

      Damiana Chapis Tea 1/2 oz.

      The ancient Mesoamerican natives, especially the Mayans, made regular use of this medicinal plant. The scientific name "Turnera aphrodisiaca" refers to William Turner, a 16th century English physician who cataloged it for the first time. MEDICINAL...

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    • Cuachalalate Chapis Tea

      Cuachalalate Chapis Tea

      The Cuachalalate is one of the most common trees in central and southern Mexico. There is a long tradition of consumption of its properties since pre-Hispanic times, for its medicinal powers. MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Gastritis, anticancer, circulatory...

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    • Copalquin Chapis Tea (Croton) 1/2 oz.

      Copalquin Chapis Tea (Croton) 1/2 oz.

      This tree is from Mexico and when the Spanish settlers realized its properties they called this flat ?Cascara sagrada?. This plant lives in hot and semi-dry climates, also shaky climates. It is wild and is associated with the tropical deciduous and...

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    • Cola De Caballo Tea (Shave Grass) 3/8 oz.

      Cola De Caballo Tea (Shave Grass) 3/8 oz.

      The genus "Equisetum" are very primitive plants that were related to ferns and of which about 50 species are known throughout the world, most of them in the northern hemisphere. MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Diuretic, urine production, stops bleeding, reduces...

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    • Cardo Santo Chapis Tea (Holy Thistle) 3/8 oz.

      Cardo Santo Chapis Tea (Holy Thistle) 3/8 oz.

      The Holy Thistle is a wild herb native to the Mediterranean region of Europe and part of Asia. This plant is small in size, its leaves are large with villi and an abundance of thorns and yellow flowers. MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Anti-inflammatory, diuretic,...

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