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  • Crystal Spheres

    • Apatite Sphere 50-60 mm.

      Apatite Sphere 50-60 mm.

      This amazing Apatite sphere will radiate its powerful healing energy outwards in all directions wherever it is placed. Apatite is a calcium phosphate made up of different minerals. Apatite is an inspirational energy that also promotes empathy and...

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    • Opalite Sphere 40 mm.

      Opalite Sphere 40 mm.

      A 40mm sphere created Opalite and beaming with great energy. Opalite works with all the chakras and is of great benefit when dealing with transitions, communication, success, moods, fatigue and energy blocks. 40mm From China

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    • Lava Sphere 40 mm.

      Lava Sphere 40 mm.

      A 40mm sphere created out of Lava stone. Lava stone is connected to all the elements and makes a great natural aid in creating balance and grounding. 40mm from China

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    • Jasper, Kambaba Sphere 40 mm.

      Jasper, Kambaba Sphere 40 mm.

      You may just slip into a peaceful place when you roll this sphere around in your hands. Kambaba Jasper is a stone of Peace and Tranquility. Resonating with the earth energies. This beautiful stone may assist you with protection, is calming, helps you...

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    • Amethyst, Chevron Sphere 40 mm.

      Amethyst, Chevron Sphere 40 mm.

      A beautiful sphere of Chevron Amethyst energy! Chevron Amethyst is formed where veins of white quartz and amethyst have formed together in the rock. This stone tends to combine the enhancing and purifying qualities of quartz with the stress relieving...

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    • Shungite Sphere 40 mm.

      Shungite Sphere 40 mm.

      Amazing and powerful energy when you work with Shungite. Shungite is said to be the "miracle stone" or "the stone of life", known for its incredible healing and protection properties. Boost immune system, balancing mind and emotions, and activates the...

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    • Serpentine, Green Sphere 40 mm.

      Serpentine, Green Sphere 40 mm.

      Amazing Serpentine with its movement like energy emitting from all directions within this sphere. Serpentine makes an exceptional meditation stone as it enhances your spiritual exploration. It helps you to find inner peace. Serpentine may help calm and...

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    • Rhodonite Sphere 40 mm.

      Rhodonite Sphere 40 mm.

      Rhodonite has such a loving energy as well as being visually healing. Rhodonite may assist you with memory, arthritis, light sensitivity, throat infections, stress and mental unrest, forgiveness, compassion, fears, anger, and heal your heart chakra. 40mm...

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    • Obsidian, Snow Flake Sphere 40 mm.

      Obsidian, Snow Flake Sphere 40 mm.

      Such a great sphere to look at and to work with for its many useful properties. Snowflake Obsidian brings peace of mind and helps the stomach, sinuses, veins, bones and eyesight. Great for meditation, behavior problems, loneliness, blocks psychic...

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    • Lepidolite Sphere 40 mm.

      Lepidolite Sphere 40 mm.

      This spheres energy may just settle your energy down and help relieve your anxiety, as you roll it around in your hands. Lepidolite is known as one of the best mood stabilizers because it contains a high amount of lithium, which aids in anxiety. May also...

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    • Fluorite, Rainbow Sphere 40 mm.

      Fluorite, Rainbow Sphere 40 mm.

      Energetically and visually this Fluorite sphere offers a multidimensional healing. Fluorite may assist you with bone health, organ function, dexterity, balance, self-worth, new ideas and inspiration. 40mm Sphere with varying colors and inclusions in each...

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